Top 10 KPIs for Sales Leaders

Sven Lens
< 1 min read
23 Nov 2022

Making a selection of 10 KPIs isn’t a simple task, so let’s acknowledge
the fact that your top 10 might differ slightly from ours.
When defining your key metrics, it is important to start from your
specific business strategy and goals that have been set for your team.
On the other hand, you don’t want to overload your sales team with
too many metrics into their sales KPI dashboard. That’s why we at
SalesX are a strong believer in building sales dashboards for your
intended audience.

The key purpose of KPIs is to provide you with unique insights into
your team’s performance and help you identify training needs, pipeline
issues, maximize profit, optimize sales process and daily sales tactics.
The below list gives you as a sales leader food for thought in crunching
your numbers. That’s how you will maximize the output of your team.

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